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Scum oF tHE eARTH!!!
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Primarily written for MomoRawrr , I am sick of seeing so many have so much trouble with art thieves! They have proven to be of much hardship for many artist and it is sickening.

Many of you know what an Art Thief is, but for those who don't:
An Art Thief is a user who fraudulently takes one's works, whether it be art/illustrations, literature, audio, etc and either reposts and claims it as their own work OR simply doesn't source the creator.

--ACCIDENTAL OR NOT IT IS STILL THEFT! There are many ways to steal anothers work.
1)Cutting out the heads or section of a work for an RP blog or similar is still art theft. You still need to source the origin of the work.
2)Even if you don't claim to have made it, lack of source links and/or not commending the creator still counts as art theft.
3)Even if you source the creator, if the creator prohibited posting of their work, it is still theft. If you want to share that users work, kindly ask them, some will allow exceptions ONLY THAT ONE TIME, don't take that one exception as a free ticket. If the creator still declines, link to the artist page, this way you can share that users work and not break any rules.
4) JUST BECAUSE there is no watermark, doesn't mean you don't have to credit, how would you feel if I stole your homework and got an "A" just because you never wrote your name on it. It is different with art because the artists "Art style" almost acts as their personal signature.
5) Tracing of works is still theft as you technically put in much less effort than that of one who make it from scratch, tracing required crediting the original artist and ask for permission use his/her work. Tracing without posting is okay, it is proven that tracing can improve ones line quality if the person in question is actually doing to learn art...rather than steal it.
6) THE LIST GOES ON! I mayexpand this list if others suggest more examples.

Most of these methods are for the prevention of theft of illustrative works, for audio, use the tagging function to add credit and link info.


This is where YOU, the artist can act! There are MANY ways to do this and I will suggest many methods going from least intrusive to the most drastic.

METHOD 1/2: This are the more simple ways to avoid art theft and to also provide a way to trace the image back to you.
1) a small signature is a simple, yet sometimes effective way to make it easy to find you. THE TRICK is to make it so it is actually useful at finding you-
-NOTES: don't sign with "ratiatorgatorbunny" if your actual username "ragingpickledgoose" or something of the source, this renders the signature completely useless.
If you want to sign it with something other than your username, then make sure THE SAME TEXT is one your userpage, that way searching to the text will still provide you in search results.
PROS: Quick, simple, and a natural way to add a way to find/trace the creator.
CONS: Leaving your signature in solid areas makes it VERY easy to remove, it is in your best interest to write it out over a more complex area.
2)A watermark on the edge of the image is a modest way to add info to an image and will work about the same OR even be better than a signature. a watermark may consist of a full link to your account(s). However, this method still suffers the same downfalls as the previous method.
-NOTES: a watermark can also have an icon, it is best to have an icon specifically for your watermarks as changing you personal icon can cause confusion.
PROS: a little clearer and easier to read, can have a full link or even multiple links.
CONS: a watermark placed at the edge can be cropped out, placing it over a less important section or over a relatively solid area can be cropped or erased out.
MomoRawrr seems to use method 2 for the majority of his/her works, while this works for many of the art that he/she has uploaded, it is a bit flawed for some of his/her comic uploads as there is enough blank space to crop it out...just my suggestion.

METHOD 3/4: slightly more intrusive ways to protect your art. I recommend mixing these with the previous methods for the best results.
3) almost identical to method 1, a signature in a more prevalent/noticeable place and/or placing it over a more complex region can prevent removal of it and will still allow users to find you. Having it wrap around a line can prevent it from taking general focus away from your art.
make it transparent if you feel it is necessary, but try to almost make it "part" of your art...transparent text can become harder to read. making it upside-down or implementing it into the scenery/bg can prevent a person from recognizing it instinctively and will still provide it's intended function 
PROS: doesn't take away from your work, easy to add and easy for someone to read. This is my favorite method as it has a rather nice balance.
CONS: poor placement can take immediate focus away from your art and/or still be removable. poor handwriting may make it difficult to read (but others who can read it will point it out)
4) a watermark IN the image is a common method, dA has such a function implemented natively, but one may prefer to customize placement and style. most of the same info from method 2 still applies with some changes. When placing the watermark in a "centered" position, remember to make it transparent, the large the watermark, the more transparent (it is easier to see a large watermark, so more transparency will help bring the actually image back to focus) A smaller watermark over a important area, rather than dead center, may be more preferable to a large centered one.
Apply in a similar way to method 3, implement it into the background OR EVEN ON AN OBJECT! it could be anything to a billboard it the image, to being pasted on a bag of chips, or a cereal box...or in your case...a pizza box ("hurr hurr"). This method may take a little longer to place but ca prove to be effective.
changing the hue/color of the mark will make it blend in better.
PROS: This can be a clever way to mark your work, assuming you have a place to put it. 
CONS: Requires you to place it in such a way as to not distract, too much transparency or the wrong hue can interfere with your artwork. not all pieces will be suitable for clever placement, in such cases only "centered"/"focus" watermarks would be usable.

METHOD 5/6/>>: More drastic methods, if you really got someone out to get you AND THEY KNOW WHAT THERE DOING, you may have to force you hand at these!
5)Making the signature a bigger part of your art - this is hard to explain, similar to method a high resolution image, you can go as far as to make the outlines of streets, gaps in the sidewalk, etc, the identifying signature.
6)Hiding your username on the character itself, assuming your work has a physical being within it, you can "brand" his/her clothing with your name, hiding it but at the same time having something there. May be less effective as some people may not notice it...icons to make it slightly more noticeable
7)overly noticeable signatures and watermarks are effective, difficult to remove, but may take away from your work...try to make sure you can still see through it this point it you might as well use the built-in dA feature as it is effectively the same ugly as it may be...
8)MIX OF MULTIPLE METHODS! if you mix many different methods, you can effectively mark your work and still prevent thieves from removing them, even if they remove one, you can have another hidden elsewhere...this is almost more drastic than the previous 3 methods above as it can be time consuming and is tricky to execute...

NOTED IN A/B/C/D and with credits to the one who suggested the method. these are some ways that others have marked their work, I will note them, AND if they have an example, I may link it...this section may need to be limited to prevent the journal size from exploding.
If a user requests, or if this methods proves to be rather common knowledge, it will be added to the main suggestion/methods above.


I apologize for any flaws in these methods, as I am not an artist and simply cannot fully understand your situation as I am not in your shoes. I am personally practicing to become better at arts and illustration and hope to be able to relate to such problems in the future and help to better solve these issues.

I hope that this proves to be of use to some. Thank you for taking the time to read this thoroughly, and I hope for you to have a good day.
"To MomoRawrr:
I'm sorry if you would not like you your username to be here, please feel free to ask for your link to be redacted.
I did not intend to, criticize, disrespect, belittle, insult, or put you down in any way, shape, or form.

I apologize in advance to anything I may have caused."
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